New line in text area

I’ve found String.fromCharCode(13, 10) helpful when using view engines.

This creates a string with the actual newline characters in it and so forces the view engine to output a newline rather than an escaped version. Eg: Using NodeJS EJS view engine – This is a simple example in which any \n should be replaced:


exports.replaceNewline = function(input) {
    var newline = String.fromCharCode(13, 10);
    return input.replaceAll('\\n', newline);


<textarea><%- viewHelper.replaceNewline("Blah\nblah\nblah") %></textarea>




String.prototype.replaceAll = function (find, replace) {
    var result = this;
    do {
        var split = result.split(find);
        result = split.join(replace);
    } while (split.length > 1);
    return result;

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