How to get a value from one cell in another cell Tags: DevExtreme (HTML JS), Data Grid

dxDataGrid is a widget that is based on HTML 5, JavaScript and CSS 3. It cannot be used on the server side. We do not recommend using server-side components in our client-side widgets. It is impossible to get any value from dxDataGrid on the server side. Use our widgets or standard input elements in dxDataGrid templates. The example demonstrates how to accomplish a similar task. You can use it as a starting point.
See also:

    dataSource: {
        store: {
            type: ‘odata’,
        select: [‘OrderID’, ‘CustomerID’, ‘EmployeeID’]
    loadPanel: false,
    scrolling: {
        mode: ‘virtual’,
        preloadEnabled: true
    paging: {pageSize: 30},
    columns: [‘OrderID’, ‘CustomerID’, {
        dataField: ‘EmployeeID’,
        cellTemplate: function(cellElement, cellInfo) {
                value: cellInfo.value
                text: ‘Click me’,
                onClick: function(e) {



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