unexpected exception occurred when generating the model

Unexpected exception occurred when generating the model. 
See output window for more details. 
Exception Message: 'StrongTypingException: 
The value for column 'IsPrimaryKey' in table 'TableDetails' is DBNull.'.
Mvc + Entity Framework + MySql

Create a new visual Studio Project.
Add NuGet Package MySQL.Data Version 6.9.8
Add NuGet Package MySql.Data.Entity 6.9.8
Add NuGet Package MySQL.Data.Entities 6.9.8

In Visual Studio, Right click on the active project-> Add -> New item
Select ADO.NET Entity Data Model
Select "EF Designer from Database"
Add MySQL Connection Details
In The Entity Data Model Wizard Select any table to import.
Pluralize or Singularize generated object names is checked.
Include Foreign key columns in the model unchecked
Import selected stored procedures and functions into the entity model unchecked.
Click Finish

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