ORA-00918: column ambiguously defined tips

When ORA-00918 is thrown, you have a column which has been ambiguously defined.  If a column name in a join is referenced ambiguously, it exists in multiple tables.

  • Column names which occur in multiple tables should be prefixed when it is referenced by its table name.
  • Columns must be referenced as TABLE.COLUMN or TABLE_ALIAS.COLUM .  Oracle documentation which reference ORA-00918 give the following example:      – If tables EMP and DEPT are being joined and both contain the column DEPTNO, then all references to DEPTNO should be prefixed with the table name, as in EMP.DEPTNO or E.DEPTNO.

To correct ORA-00918, references should be prefixed to column names existing in multiple tables (either with the table name or table alias and a period)


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